The house

At a central location in the city, the World House currently has place for 9 residents. This means that you and others live together in one house. You all have a fully equipped room. The bathroom and toilet are shared with each other. The shared kitchen and lounge invites you for socializing and joined meals. In the courtyard it is nice to stay in the summer to enjoy the sun and socialize with the team and your group mates.


The office of the World House is also inside the same building. If you have any questions you can then quickly go to one of the social workers.

Who lives with us?

Our residents belong to a specific audience, people who are victims of trafficking, refugees, asylum seeker or alien who came to the Netherlands. Our residents mostly suffer from a psychiatric disorder or an intellectual disability.

All residents stay completely legal in the Netherlands and are in possession of a (temporary) residence permit.

Moreover, people from all over the world welcome in the Worldhouse!

Assisted living

Commune The World House is a supervised group-home. That means that we guide you in all things that are important in your life. Details like structure in your daily routine and build a social network are therefore important. But also we can teach you to cook or manage your finances and help you with integration, work or daily activities.

We make sure to send you to the correct places to handle your problems and make you feel at home in Dutch society. We make a plan for the future with you. We are there for you when needed. We keep close contact with other organizations.

In summary, we assume eight habitats:
Social functioning
Psychological and intellectual functioning
Practical functioning
Daily activities
Physical functioning

you can read more about these habitats.