Daytime activities

Sitting at home and doing nothing for the whole day is not good for anyone. For a good structure, it is important to have daytime activities. With daily activities, we mean school or work, or to follow an integration program or go to a day care centre for activities.

You can get referred to a day care centre (DAC) by the government. Normally you go for a fixed number of days per week to a DAC. You're doing all kinds of activities such as carpentry, painting, crafts, clay, cooking and baking. Most activities take place indoors. During breaks you drink coffee or tea together with your group. If you are going full days you also have lunch together.

If you already live in the World House, but you do not follow daytime activities you can participate in activities witch are organized by the World House. Your own input is very much appreciated.

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If you still need to integrate in the Netherlands we accompany you with this. We make an appointment with the department of integration of the municipality of Deventer. After you have taken a test the municipality decides which group you are placed and go to 'Capable Language School'. This is an organization that trains people for the state examination. If you are severely affected by mental problems or your intellectual disability, in some cases it is possible to be exempted from your integration program.

We will help you as much as possible. If necessary, we will accompany you to any appointment. Furthermore, we help you with your homework at home when needed. You can also make use of additional language support given by the organization “Friends of Refugees”.


If you're already established and it goes well then maybe you can get a job. A Job is not always easy to find, but we help you in your search. You have to register yourself at the UWV (Social Security Agency) and sign up with various agencies.

If it is difficult to work independently because of your mental problems then there is also the possibility of a WSW indication (Sheltered Employment Act). The municipality determines whether you are eligible.


If your Dutch is good enough and you are naturalized then you might want to continue your education. If you are younger than 27 years then you might combine school and work. The municipality of Deventer helps you to prepare a curriculum and train you on how to find a job.

Once you start school we will help you to:
- Get up in the morning on time so you will be on time for school
- Making a weekly schedule so that you have enough time for your homework and lessons
- Helping you with your homework if you find it difficult