Commune the Worldhouse

Commune The Worldhouse wants to be a sheltered accommodation and a safe place with a good social climate where every resident in its own uniqueness is accepted.

The inhabitants of the World House are often people who are victims of trafficking. They are a refugee or asylum seeker who came to the Netherlands. They are often suffering from a psychiatric disorder or an intellectual disability. Precisely for this vulnerable group, we offer personal guidance and support to help them prepare for an independent life in the Dutch society. Hereby constitute welfare, private housing, income, a social network and independence. In our opinion these are the ultimate goals.

The inhabitants wellbeing stands central and not the inhabitants condition or restriction. We help people to find the right path in social-emotional problems. We believe that the proper base for good cooperation between residents and care organization consists respect, regularity, structure, safety and security.

We are aware of our professional responsibility. Are you an expert in the care or from another organization looking for more information? Please feel free to contact us.

Mission & vision

The Worldhouse imagines that we and our residents form a colorfull unity in which each individual may occupy a place within its own culture, religion and background. Commune the Worldhouse is accessible for our specific audience (people who are victims of trafficking, asylum seekers or refugees with a psychiatric disorder and/or a mild intellectual disability) and has respect for every philosophy, religion, and social understanding.

Within our organization the needs of the inhibitant has priority. By giving appropriate and comprehensible information, we try to support them in making choices. Self-determination and freedom of choice are important values. We try to make the inhibitants aware of their own skills, resources and knowledge. The aim is to increase the self- appreciation and create a perspective for the future.

Essential in our approach is that we do not see the occupant as victims but as people. In our dealing with the inhibitants central concepts are equality, respect, standardization, participation and full citizenship. Through cooperation and efforts of other organizations, our inhibitants can actively participate in society. So daytime activities and other activities take an important place.

Because of our small size we are able, where appropriate and necessary, to act quickly. There is an open communication within a committed team of employees. This makes that basicly everything is negotiable.

People working here

In the team of the World House we have a director, a coordinator, social workers plus a representative for any technical jobs.

The whole team are very passionate people with their hearts in the right place. With great enthusiasm, patience and the necessary life experiences, we help you make difficult choices and we will guide you to the right partners. We do our best to give you a homely, safe and secure feeling. We feel sometimes a father and mother of a large family.

It is good to realize that cooperation and mutual trust is the key to achieve good results.